Legacy Society Members

Gregory J. and Mona Anderson


Roger C. and Mary Anderson

Sergio Archangelsky


Joseph E. and Nancy L. Armstrong

Jerry M. and Carol C. Baskin


James Basinger

Randall James Bayer


Beverly J. Brown and Jerome P. Deno

Leo P. Bruederle


Diane Byers

Clyde L. Calvin and Carol A. Wilson


Russell Chapman

Marian Chau


Lynn G. Clark

James Cohen


Janice Coons

Renessa Cooper


Theresa Culley

Roger del Moral


Nancy G. and Ronald Dengler

Pamela Diggle and William (Ned) Friedman


David Dobbins

Heidi E. M. Dobson


Jeff and Jane Doyle

Michele Dudash and Charles Fenster


W. Hardy Eshbaugh

Jack B. Fisher


Carole T. Gee

Patricia G. Gensel


J.Phil Gibson

Jonathan Giddens


Tom Givnish

Morgan Gostel and Manuela Dal Forno


Alan and Shirley Graham

Andrew M. Greller


Richard I. Greyson

Christopher and Marsha Haufler


Ann Hirsch and Stefan J. Kirchanski

Kent E. Holsinger


Harry T. and Cecilia A. Horner

Francis Hueber


Judy Jernstedt

Cynthia Jones


Richard Keating

Sandra Knapp


Margaret (Maggie) Koehler Sporck

David W. Lee


Philip M. Lintilhac

Amy Litt


Marilyn D. Loveless

Gene Mapes


Chris and Rachel Martine

James McDaniel


Angela and Kevin McDonnell

David J. and Esther McLaughlin


Rachel Meyer

Arlee Montalvo


Karl J. Niklas

Constance Nozzolillo


Richard Olmstead

J.Chris Pires


Tom Ranker and Genie Trapp

Peter and Patricia Raven


Karen S. Renzaglia and Sons

Jennifer H. Richards


Robert Ross

Scott D. Russell


Ann K. Sakai and Stephen G. Weller

Kristina Schierenbeck and James Eckert


Edward and Sandy Schneider

J. William and Jane Shen Schopf


James L. Jr. and Marilyn Seago

Beryl B. Simpson


Judith and Lawrence Skog

Selena Y. Smith


Pamela and Douglas Soltis

Chelsea Specht


David Spooner

William L. Stern


Janet Steven

Janice and Dennis Stevenson


Marshall and Sara Sundberg

Janice C. and Edward C. Swab


Mackenzie Taylor

Sally L. Taylor


Anitra Thorhaug

Shirley Tucker


Gordon Uno

Judy Verbeke and Rick Heupel


Seana Walsh

Andi Wolfe


Joe Williams and Ana Gonclaves







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