PSB Reviewer Instructions

PSB Reviewer Instructions



Log in to Editorial Manager as a Reviewer and access the manuscript under “Pending Assignments.”

Under the “Action” link for the manuscript click “Submit Recommendation.”

Insert your Comments to the Author and Confidential Comments to the Editor in the appropriate boxes. Your review will be anonymous unless you sign the comments to the author.

You may embed comments directly in a digital copy of the manuscript and upload this as an attachment. When you click “View Submission,” there is a link within the pdf to the manuscript in its original word processing program, which you can download to edit. All attachments are "sanitized" by Editorial Manager for the authors, so your identity is not revealed. If you edit the manuscript, please also summarize your main points in the comment box to the author.

When you have completed the review form and selected a recommendation from the pull-down menu at the top of the screen, click "Proceed."



  • In addition to providing detailed feedback for the authors, please consider the following as you evaluate the paper:
  • What are the major contributions of this paper? Would you recommend this paper to a colleague to read? Why or why not?
  • Is the research question novel and interesting within its botanical subdiscipline?
  • Are the tables, figures, and online supplements (when included) accurate and useful? Are they clearly presented? Are the titles and legends self-explanatory without referring to the text? Is anything missing that would be helpful to the reader? Should any data be moved from tables to online supplemental material?
  • Do any portions of the paper need shortening, deleting, expanding, or rearranging? Please provide specific suggestions.


In the Confidential Comments to the Editor, please state what is the most significant contribution of this paper. Please also include a summary of the most critical points supporting your recommendation.