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A scanning electron micrograph of a nearly mature flower of <em>Lacandonia schis
Barbara A. Ambrose Universidad Nacional Aut
flower development, homeosis, Lacandon Forest (Chiapas, Mexico), Lacandonia, Lacandoniaceae, mycoheterotrophs, pseudanthia,Triur
A scanning electron micrograph of a nearly mature flower of Lacandonia schismatica colorized to highlight the three central stamens (aqua), the surrounding carpels (steel blue), and styles (yellow). The six surrounding tepals are not shown. This paper is part of a larger project that in collaboration with local indigenous communities is aimed at collectively developing local capacity for documenting local flora and fauna and conservation of the Lacandon Rain Forest.

The cover was dedicated to Don Gabriel Aguilar, a scholar of Mesoamerican tropical flora, who collected thousands of plant vouchers for many important flora projects including Flora Mesoamericana and was instrumental in the discovery by Esteban Martinez and Clara Ramos of Lacandonia schismatica.

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Comparative developmental series of the Mexican triurids support a euanthial interpretation for the unusual reproductive axes of Lacandonia schismatica (Triuridaceae)
by Barbara A. Ambrose, Silvia Espinosa-Matías, Sonia Vázquez-Santana, Francisco Vergara-Silva, Esteban Martínez, Judith Márquez-Guzmán, and Elena R. Alvarez-Buylla
Botanical Society of America
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copyright: Ambrose, BSA
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<em>Lacandonia schismatica</em>
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