Genetics Section Poster Award

The Genetics Section Graduate Student Research Awards provides $500 for research funds and an additional $500 for attendance at a future BSA meeting.

Award Recipients:

Kevin Weitemier, Oregon State University - Graduate Student Award - Advisors: Dr. Aaron Liston, for the proposal titled "Genome-enabled phylogeography of a Great Basin milkweed, Asclepias cryptoceras"

Kimberly Hansen, Northern Arizona University - Masters Student Award - Advisor: Dr.Tina Ayers, for the proposal titled "Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Campanulaceae with NextGen Sequencing"

Richard Hodel, University of Florida - Graduate Student Award - Advisors: Drs. Douglas and Pamela Soltis, for the proposal titled "Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Neo-tropical Mangroves (Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa and Rhizophora mangle)"

Sandra Mardonovich, Miami University - Masters Student Award - Advisor: Dr. Richard C. Moore for the proposal titled "Investigation of natural populations of Carica papaya’s morphological and genetic structure throughout Mesoamerica"

Ursula King, University of Connecticut - Graduate Student Award - Advisor: Dr. Donald Les, for the proposal titled "Provision of genome resources for Najas marina and Najas minor, Hydrocharitaceae"

Guadalupe Borja, Oklahoma State University - Masters Student Award - Advisor: Dr. Andrew Doust, for the proposal titled "Integrating phylogeny and population genetics: distinguishing incomplete lineage sorting and gene flow to infer the evolution of the Southeastern bladderpods (Paysonia spp.)."

Kim Thompson, University of Cincinnati - Graduate Student Award - Advisor: Dr. David Lentz, for the proposal titled "Chloroplast Microsatellite Analysis of Manilkara zapota (Sapotaceae), a Tropical Fruit and Timber Tree."

Nicholas Miles, Florida State University - Graduate Student Award, for his proposal titled "Developmental Genetics of a Carnivorous Pitcher Plant."

RoseMary Puhr, Cal State Long Beach - Masters Student Award, for her proposal titled: "Evolution of SPARSE INFLORESCENCE1 within Graminoid Poales."

Stein V. Servick, Department of Botany, University of Florida (PhD student)

Ashley Kuenzi, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati (MS Student)

Renate Wuersig, Purdue University (PhD student)

Sunni J. Taylor, Texas State University (MS Student)

Michael Anthony, Portland State University

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Jill Duarte, Pennsylvania State University

Nicole Hardiman, University of Cincinnati