Botany 2021 - Virtual!

2020 PLANTS RecipientsBotany 2020 - Virtual!

2018 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2018 in Rochester, Minnesota

2017 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2017 in Fort Worth, Texas

  PLANTS Grants
Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow's Scientists
Undergraduate Travel Awards: Enhancing Diversity at the Botanical Society of America Conferences

We are pleased to announce the PLANTS program funded by the National Science Foundation and Botanical Society of America to bring talented and diverse undergraduates to BOTANY 2021 - Virtual.

Congratulations to the 2020 awardees!

The PLANTS program (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists: Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) will fund up to 12 undergraduates from throughout the US and Puerto Rico (we are unable to accept applications from international students) to attend the meeting, receive mentoring from graduate students, postdocs and faculty, and participate in networking events including the Diversity Luncheon and career-oriented activities. During in-person meetings the program covers the normal costs of travel, registration, and food and accommodation at the meeting. For virtual conferences, registration fees are provided. Participants are required to attend the entire meeting, including at least 3 scientific talks per day with a mentor, as well as certain professional development and networking activities. An overview of the scientific conference is available at:

   Application includes 1) completion of the online form, 2) uploading your personal statement of interest, 3) a letter of recommendation, and 4) unofficial transcripts. Applications are welcome from all undergraduates from the US and Puerto Rico (we are unable to accept applications from international students) who have interest in plant science; the admissions goal is to create a diverse pool of students.

Personal Statement of academic interests and career goals: (500 word limit)  Please write an essay discussing EACH of the following: A) your academic interests and career goals including your interest in pursuing post-graduate education and/or a career in the plant sciences, B) what you would contribute to the diversity of the students attending the BOTANY 2021 meeting  C) how you think attending the BOTANY 2021 conference might help you meet your career goals, D) your plans after graduation, and E) if you have attended any scientific meetings or participated in research experience, what did you do and what did you learn from these experiences?

Letter of support: Your letter of support should come directly from a person (faculty member) who knows you well and the letter should address your academic accomplishments and career goals as well as your contribution to the diversity of our student group at the BOTANY 2021 conference. Please upload your letter in the applications portal with your personal statement.  If your letter writer prefers to send the letter of support directly to the award administrator, please have them email it to Amelia Neely: Your letter of support should have a filename of YourLastNameFirstInitial-Plants as in NeelyA-Plants

DEADLINE: May 1, 2021

The application is made through our online application portal.  You do not need to be a current BSA member to apply. However, if you do not have a BSA login, you will need to create one here.  We encourage you to review the online form thoroughly before filling it out. You will need to upload a personal statement.

Access the awards portal by clicking here and logging in with your BotanyID/Password. Once signed in, click on the "2021 - PLANTS Grant" link and you should see a blue button that says "+ Create New Nomination" at the bottom if your login was successful.

MENTORS: In addition, we are soliciting names of graduate students, postdocs and faculty members who would like to serve as mentors during the meeting. Mentors work with PLANTS students and attend talks with them, introduce them to colleagues, network and generally make the meetings a welcoming place for them. Although costs are not covered for mentors, it is a very rewarding experience to mentor this group of students. Contact Heather Cacanindin ( if you are interested in serving as a mentor.

CONTACTS: For further inquiries, please contact:
Heather Cacanindin --

Botany conference topics range across all levels of botany and include talks on conservation, biodiversity, plant genomics, evolution, plant systematics, and botanical education. There are also a number of social functions, specifically targeted at students for networking and fun. The meetings are a great way to understand the breadth of botanical research and education, to meet undergraduate and graduate students with similar interests, and to network with professionals in your area of interest. This is really a friendly community, so please consider joining us!

2021 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
Anais Barnes, Bucknell University, Advisor: Chris Martine
Serena Blais, California State University, Sacramento, Advisor: Clayton Visger
Jonathan Carcache, Florida International University, Advisor: Daniela Hernandez
Josh Felton, Colorado College, Advisor: Rachel Jabaily
Aaliyah Holliday, Cornell University, Advisor: Chelsea D. Specht
Caitlyn Hughes, University of Georgia, Advisor: Jim Leebens-Mack
Emily Hughes, Rutgers University, Advisor: Suzanne Sukhdeo
Al Lichamer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Advisor: Ingrid Jordon-Thaden
Annie Nelson, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Advisor: Katarzyna Glowacka
Matthew Norman, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Advisor: Lauren Eserman
Deirdre O'Malley, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Advisor: Shannon Straub
Ryan Schmidt, Rutgers University, Advisor: Lena Struwe
Madilyn Vetter, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Advisor: Nora Mitchell
Jayla Wade, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Janelle Burke
Audrey Widmier, Mercer University, Advisor: Dr. John Stanga

2020 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients

Botany 2020 - Virtual!

Christina Andreski, Plymouth State University, Advisor: Diana Jolles
Juan Angulo, University of Georgia, Advisor: James Leebens-Mack
Sarah Ashlock, University of California, Santa Cruz, Advisor: Kathleen Kay
Trinity Depatie, Florida Atlantic University, Advisor: James K. Wetterer
Kandiss Dowdell, Montana State University Billings, Advisor: Jason Comer
Miyauna Incarnato, The College of Wooster, Advisor: Jennifer Ison
Maia Jones, California Academy of Sciences, Advisor: Nathalie Nagalingum
Sofia Ocampo, Florida International University, Advisor: Suzanne Koptur
Michelle Pham, University of California, Los Angeles, Advisor: James Cohen
I. Jason Rose, Cornell University, Advisor: Chelsea D. Specht
Vida Svahnstrom, University of St Andrews, Advisor: Susan Healy

2019 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients

2019 in Tucson, Arizona

Austin Betancourt, San Jose State University, Advisor: Benjamin Carter
Charles BushOglala Lakota College, Advisor: Madhav Nepal
Talbrett Caramillo, Fort Lewis College, Advisor: Ross McCauley
Jovan Coleman, Mesa Community College, Advisor: Sean Whitcomb
C.J. Copper, College of the Redwoods, Advisor: Maria Friedman
Lisa Danback, Webster University, Advisor: Nicole Miller-Struttman
Marco Donoso, University of Central Oklahoma, Advisor: Chad King
Candy DuBrayOglala Lakota College, Advisor: Madhav Nepal
Ana Flores, Florida International University, Advisor: Jennifer Richards
Mari Irving, University of Central Florida, Advisor: Chase Mason
Chazz Jordan, Georgia State University, Advisor: Lauren Eserman
Matthew McCarthyCitris College, Advisor: Marianne Smith
Cristina Raya, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Advisor: Rupesh Kariyat
Marcus Reid, Phoenix College, Advisor: Matt Haberkom
Rachael Snodgrass, Gonzaga University, Advisor: Stephen Hayes
Tatyana Soto, Mills College, Advisor: Sarah Swope
Emily Swindell, Fort Lewis College, Advisor: Ross McCauley
Dannielle Waugh, University of Central Florida, Advisor: Chase Mason
Danielle Weaver, CSU-Fullerton, Advisor: Joshua Der

2018 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2018 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2018 in Rochester, Minnesota
Liliana Benitez, New College of Florida, Advisor: Dr. Emily Saarinen
John Christman III, Christopher Newport University, Advisor: Dr. Janet Steven
Inesha Ellis, Widener University, Advisor: Dr. Katherine Goodrich
David Flanery, South Dakota State University, Advisor: Dr. Maribeth Latvis
Andrew Gonzalez, California State University - Sacramento, Advisor: Dr. Thomas Peavy
Alexis Kantor, University of Colorado-Boulder, Advisor: Dr. Stacey Smith
Carina Motta, University of California-Santa Barbara, Advisor: Dr. Susan Mazar
Simone Oliphant, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Koptur
Asa Peters, Connecticut College, Advisor: Dr. Chad Jones
Megan Rasmussen, SUNY-Farmingdale, Advisor: Dr. Eric Morgan
Keana Tang, California State University - Long Beach, Advisor: Dr. Amanda Fisher
Nicole Tineo, The College of New Jersey, Advisor: Dr. Wendy Clement
Matthew Treanor, Plymouth State University, Advisor: Dr. Diana Jolles
Delecia Utley, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Janelle Burke

2017 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2017 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2017 in Fort Worth, Texas

Kefren Arjona, University of Florida, Advisor: Dr. Doug Soltis
Laymon Ball, Long Beach State University, Advisor: Dr. Amanda Fisher
Nana Britwum, Cornell University, Advisor: Dr. Rena Borkhataria
Michelle Gray, University of Maryland College Park, Advisor: Dr. Maile Neele
Monique Harvey, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Janelle Burke
Rebecca Hayes, University of Pittsburgh, Advisor: Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
Lillian Hendrick, Central Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils
Glen Morrison, California State Polytechnic University, Advisor: Dr. Amy Litt
Jocelyn Navarro, Connecticut College, Advisor: Dr. Kristine Hardeman
ShaunAnn Peters, Central Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils
Kasey Pham, Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Alan Prather
Melissa Vergara, University of California-Santa Cruz, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kay
Sienna Wessel, Northern State University, Advisor: Dr. Jodie Ramsay

2016 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2016 in Savannah, Georgia
Timothy Batz, California State Polytechnic University, Advisor: Dr. Bharti Sharma
Janet Mansaray, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Janelle Burke
Corey Milligan, Harris-Stowe State University, Advisor: Dr. Thomas Brown
Brooke Palmer, Colorado State University, Advisor: Dr. Stacey Smith
Vivianna Sanchez, Mount St. Mary's University, Advisor: Dr. Adriane Jones
Jaime Schwoch, Portland State University, Advisor: Dr. Mitch Cruzan
Evelyn Valdez-Rangel, University of Houston-Downtown, Advisor: Dr. Michael Tobin
Rebecca Valls, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Eric von Wettberg
Nathan Vega, California State University-Fullerton, Advisor: Dr. Joshua Der
Monica Warner, California State University - Dominguez Hills, Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Thiess
Shan Wong, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Hong Liu

2015 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2015 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2015 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Alicia Butko, Widener University, Advisor: Dr. Kate Goodrich
Emma Fryer, Humboldt State University, Advisors: Drs. Michael Mesler and Alexandru Tomescu
Patrick Gallagher, The College of New Jersey, Advisor: Dr. Wendy Clement
Jose Miguel Hernandez Ochoa, University of Wisconsin, Advisor: Dr. Juan Zalapa
Angelina Viviana Martinez, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Christine Davis and Pamela Soltis
Jesus Medina, California State University - Los Angeles, Advisor: Dr. Craig Barrett
Madeline Metten, University of Northern Colorado, Advisor: Dr. Mitchel McGlaughlin
Andre Naranjo, University of Miami, Advisor: Dr. Barbara Whitlock
Chelsea Pretz, Harris-Stowe State University, Advisors: Drs. John MacDougal and Allison Miller
Mercedes Santiago, Kansas State University, Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Ferguson
Maryan Sedaghatpour, George Mason University, Advisors: Drs. Jorid van der Ham and Andrea Weeks
Gary Sur, University of Hawaii - Hilo, Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Stacy
Imena Valdes, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Koptur
Joshua Wiese, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Advisor: Dr. Bryan Drew

2014 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients

2014 in Boise, Idaho

Marilyn Creer, Alabama A&M University, Advisor: Dr. Tatiana Kukhtareva
Gemma Dugan, Bucknell University, Advisor: : Dr. Chris Martine
Shawna Faulkner, Humboldt University, Advisor: : Dr. Alexandru Tomescu
Michelle Garcia, University of Texas-El Paso, Advisor: Dr. Michael Moody
Aidee Guzman, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Advisor: Dr. Eve Emshwiller
Timothy Hieger, University of Kansas, Advisor: Dr. Thomas N. Taylor
Shayla Hobbs, University of Illinois, Advisor: Dr. Tina M. Knox
Michelle Jackson, Smith College, Advisor: Dr. Jesse Bellemare
Claudia Christine Marin, University of Califormia Riverside, Advisor: Dr. Milton McGiffen
Sean Pena, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Koptur
David Pozo Garces, Central Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils
Yisu Santamarina, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bennett
Samuel Torpey, University of Idaho, Advisor: Dr. David Tank

2013 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2013 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Richard Shawn Abrahams, University of Florida, Advisor: Dr. Stuart McDaniel
Dayvis Blasini, Northern Illinois University, Advisor: Dr. Pamela Geddes
Laquita Bolden, Cleveland State University, Advisor: Dr. Modney
Bianca Bonilla, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bennett
Joyce Chery, Cornell University, Advisor: Dr. Melissa Luckow
Jessel Gutierrez, Texas A&M International University, Advisor: University, Dr. Jim Cohen
Elizabeth McWilliams, Oregon State University, Advisor: Dr. Richard Halse
Livingstone Nganga, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Advisor: Bethany K. Zolman
Angelica Nunez, University of California-Riverside, Advisor: Dr. Louis Santiago
Crista O'Conner, University of Idaho, Advisor: Dr. David Tank
Anthony Parson, Humboldt State University, Advisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman
Hevony Rodriguez, Texas A&M International University, Advisor: Dr. Jim Cohen
Angel Rogers, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Hemayut Ullah
De Ana Smalls, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Hemayut Ullah
David Sycle II, Central Michigan University, Advisor: Dr. Brad Swanson

2012 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2012 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2012 in Columbus, Ohio
Dominique Alvis, University of Maryland-Baltimore - Advisor, Dr. Mauricio Bustos
Haydee Borrero, Florida International University - Advisor, Dr. Suzanne Koptur
Maria Friedman, Humboldt State University - Advisor, Dr. Erik Jules
Erin Fujimoto, University of Hawaii at Manoa - Advisor, Dr. Tom Ranker
Victoria Hanna, University of California-Irvine - Advisor, Dr. Kailen Mooney
Sean Gershaneck, University of Hawai'i at Manoa - Advisor, Dr. Pattie Dunn
Lauren Gonzalez, University of New Orleans - Advisor, Dr. Charles Bell
Alexandria Igwe, Howard University - Advisor, Dr. Mary McKenna
Caprice Lee, University of California-Davis, Dr. Sharman O'Neill
Jamie Minnaert-Grote, George Mason University - Advisor, Dr. Andrea Weeks
Rylan Sprague, Black Hills State University - Advisor, Dr. Benjamin van Ee
Brittany Stallworth, Howard University - Advisor, Dr. Mary McKenna
Dori Thompson, Texas State University - San Marcos - Advisor, Dr. Garland Upchurch

2011 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2011 BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
2011 in St. Louis, Missouri

Brian Atkinson, Ohio University, Advisor: Dr. Gar Rothwell
Betsabe Castro, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
James McDaniel, Lynchburg College, Advisor: Dr. Nancy Cowden
Irma Ortiz, UCLA, Advisor: Dr. Ann Hirsch
Amber Paasch, California State University, LA  
Barbara Putnam, Delta State University, Advisor: Dr. Nina Baghai-Riding
Jon Richey, Texas State University, San Marcos, Advisor: Dr. Gary Upchurch
Katherine Toll, University of Miami
Clayton Visger, California State University - Sacramento

  2010 BSA Grant Recipients
2010 Recipients
2010 in Providence, Rhode Island


Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB)

Prior to the PLANTs Program, the BSA provided support to under-represented students via the Undergaduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB) Program. Here are the recipients of this NSF funded program.

2009 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Cassandra L Coleman
2008 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Antionette Gray
Laura Super
Iman Sylvain
2007 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Stanita Jackson
Adel Pena
Chevon Marsh
Rita Richardson
2006 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Gustavo Armaiz
Kristen E Baird
Andrew J Blackwell
Stephanie Day
Lisa Hoang
Michelle Hulett
Harry Lopez Rosado
Elizabeth Ortiz Huerta
Jose Pena
2005 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Derrick Fowler
Angel Jurado
Chris Lane
Daniel Stanton
C. Pascale Williams
2004 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Vanessa Forbes
Patrick J Hudson
Dennis Hildalgo
Talline Robadey
Eillen J Rodriquez
Chamary Vergara
2003 BSA UMEB Grant Recipients
Veder Garcia
Renee Lopez-Smith
Dawn Morningstar
Karla Paiz
Karla Cortez